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About Us | Barbara Douget Justice of the Peace - Shreveport, LA

Barbara Douget Justice of the Peace has more than 18 years of experience officiating at weddings, replacing lost car titles, and notarizing documents for the courts in Shreveport, LA. Dealing with government agencies is typically a long, drawn-out process that requires you to go downtown, pay for parking, and stand in line just to deal with some civil servant who has a bad attitude and just wants to argue with you. I believe that things should be easy, so when you come to my office you will find affordable, easy service and a great attitude.

As a Justice of the Peace, I am qualified to preside over your wedding ceremony and start you on the road to wedded bliss. I can also provide you with a beautiful wedding setting perfect for an outside ceremony and reception. Your site or mine, I would be delighted to officiate at your wedding ceremony.

If you have lost the title to your car, you cannot sell it or trade it in. Do not fret and do not stand in line at the DMV. I offer auto title replacement services that will save you a lot of time and make replacing your auto title easy. Do not get stressed out about a lost title; just come to Barbara Douget Justice of the Peace in Shreveport, LA.

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