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Paying off your car is a moment to celebrate, especially when you get the title in your hands, but what do you do with it after that? If you are like most people, you put the title away somewhere safe and forget about it for years. Then the day comes when you want to sell or trade in your car, and you cannot remember where you put the title. After you tear your filing cabinet, office, or home apart and still cannot find it, you are in trouble because you cannot move on to a new vehicle without the title to the old one.

The solution is to come to Barbara Douget Justice of the Peace and get a replacement car title, then be on your way. I have been providing replacement car title services to the people of Shreveport, LA for years, and I can get you a replacement car title quickly and easily. You can waste your time waiting in line at the DMV, or you can make a quick stop at my office, get auto title replacement services, and be on your way sooner than you may think possible.

I not only offer vehicle and title assistance, but also have a small claims court for cases up to $5000. County and city court calendars are so full that you could wait for months, or even years, for your small claims case to come before a judge, but I can take care of you quickly so that you can settle your dispute, leave it behind, and get back to your life.

Replacing a lost car title does not have to take an entire day at the Shreveport, LA DMV.

Visit Barbara Douget Justice of the Peace, get a replacement auto title, and then be on your way quickly.

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